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Bufete buades

Our history, our experience

Creation of the firm


Early growth


New headquarters


Consolidating the new project


Development of the business model


Restructuring the areas of practice


Creation of the International Desk


The firm

Bufete Buades is a multidisciplinary legal firm, founded in 1979, with its headquarters in Palma de Mallorca and its main area of activity in the Balearic Islands.

Bufetes Buades offers a specialist service with the highest quality legal advice, placing special emphasis on its prevention and precautionary policies, legal defence, negotiations and the representation of clients’ interests, both in and out of court and before government agencies.

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[:es] As part of our ongoing project Nos queda la palabra (in English, "The words remain"), we recently published a photograph of Gertrude Stein, accompanied by the phrase, "Majorca is a paradise - if you can stand it". Since this quote has struck some people as a curious choice as well as being a complete departure from the law and judiciary-themed quotes that preceded it, I felt some kind of explanation was called for. The enigmatic...
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